Componentizing Application State

Thanks for coming to my talk! Here’s a list of all of the resources that were in my talk at THAT Conference (Texas) 2024.

Talk abstract

Your application state is too complex. There are too many states to manage, it’s difficult to test in isolation, and fidelity is lost when translating from high-level abstracts into runnable code. But, what if there was a better way? What if you could model your application into a finite number of states and test it in isolation, as if it were just another component in your application? In this talk, we’ll explore modeling application state with XState while utilizing Storybook and React to treat it as if it were just another component that can be visually reviewed and understood by both the development and product teams, and can be tested independently of any UI code. From this talk, you’ll hear about how we did just that to manage some of the most complex pieces of our application.


Previous iterations of this talk

This talk has evolved since its inception. Here are some previous iterations of this talk:

KCDC 2023 (Not recorded)

I spoke about this at KCDC 2023. While the talk was not recorded, the example app is located here.

Let’s build something fun with XState, TypeSript, and React!

I was on Nick Taylor’s stream to talk about XState, TypeScript, and React. We built a simple state machine to manage the state of a button and then used that state machine to drive the UI of the button.

React Global Online Summit 2022

In this version, I go more in detail on the state machine that powers the JS Party podcast’s JS Danger game show board.

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