Unleashing the TypeScript Compiler

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Let’s be honest: manipulating or refactoring a large codebase can sometimes make even the best of us break into a cold sweat. But did you know that TypeScript’s Compiler API can be your secret weapon in tackling this challenge?

We’ll start off by breaking down the key concepts - from the Compiler API and codemods to code formatting - and unveil how they all tie back to the Abstract Syntax Trees (ASTs). Using a real-world example from my work on a Developer Experience team, we’ll dive into how we can leverage the TypeScript tooling to our advantage. We’ll query our own code to get a clear understanding of scope and then I’ll walk you through automating far-reaching changes to your code with confidence, whether that spans hundreds of files or just a handful.

In this talk, you’ll not only leave with a solid grasp of how to make the TypeScript Compiler API work for you and how to apply that work in a practical way. Let’s demystify the ASTs and transform your coding experience!

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