Typed Functional Programming in Typescript
Typed functional programming in TypeScript is a game-changer for many reasons.
But instead of a long and tedious explanation of why we created some real-world examples for you. Until we write a blog, explore the well-commented code.
Quick Introduction
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Course Description
During the one-day workshop, you’ll learn how to create a bullet-proof aplications that run either on client or on server. This course is very hands-on, and you will be able to practice everything you learn.
Course Outline
1. Basic functional programming: immutability, pure functions, map and reduce.
2. Ecosystem overview. Existing tools and libraries.
3. Domain modeling made functional with algebraic types.
4. How to never use null nor undefined again.
5. Basic fp-ts: interfaces, pipe, Eq, Ord, Option, Either, and more.
6. Realiable validations for forms, routing, endpoints, everything.
7. Async code with error handling and still readable code.
8. Advanced TypeScript: currying, advanced types, useful tips.
9. Advanced fp-ts structures and patterns like functional optics etc.
Next Dates
399 EUR
February – March 2020
Skill Requirements
1. Basic JavaScript knowledge
2. Basic experience with TypeScript or Flow
Who Is behind the Workshop?
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